Crater Lake National Park lies in the Southern Cascades in southwestern Oregon. The lake occupies the collapsed crater of the volcano, Mount Mazama. Wizard Island is a cinder cone within the crater.

Many of the images are from roadside stops on the paved Rim Drive which encircles the lake. Some were taken on moderate length hikes. Of particular note are two images on the water from the circle tour by boat on the lake. To reach the boats at Cleetwood Cove, the only accessible point on the lake shoreline, requires a 1.1 mile, steep, dusty, 642 vertical descent on a trail into the crater with the same ascent on your return to the rim. Reservations are advised.

The blue color of the water in Crater Lake is due to a depth ranging up to 1949 feet. Since the lake has no inlets except from the crater sides, most of the water is melt from 533-inch average seasonal snowfall. Due to the elevation of the lake, the winds are often brisk. If you happen to sit in the front of the boat as we did, you may be thoroughly drench with this cold, pure water!

Because of the elevation and the proximity to the Pacific Ocean moisture, heavy snows typically limit use of the complete Rim Drive to early July to late October.


Crater Lake National Park