The Skyline Trail is a 5.8 mile loop with a 1500 foot elevation gain and a top elevation of 6900 feet. The trail also serves as an access trail for climbers heading to Camp Muir, a base camp at 10,100 feet for climbing Rainier. Images 6, 7, and 8 and the final image were taken in late August 1995 after snow on the prior day. Skyline Trail was rather treacherous at the higher elevations due to snow that had melted and refrozen overnight on rocks. A sloped snowfield with an ice-covered path, adjacent to the location for shooting images 6, 7, and 8 , discouraged me from continuing to Panorama Point. The remaining images were taken on a mid-August 2003 morning on a 4.8 mile clockwise loop going up the Golden Gate Trail from the Paradise Inn and down the western part of the Skyline loop. Clouds hung around the top of Rainier and developed in the valleys later in the hike. These clouds contributed to the dramatic nature of some of the images.


Skyline - Mount Rainier National Park