In June 2001, my wife and I spent eight wonderful days vacationing in New York City. On June 4, we took the Circle Line boat tour around Manhattan, a nostalgic repeat of the same tour taken in June 1965. The character of the Manhattan skyline, particularly that of the financial district, had certainly changed in the intervening 38 years. The photos on the Hudson and East Rivers where taken from the tour. On June 5, we made the boat trip to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island which yielded additional photos. Next, we spent an enjoyable six hours from 4 PM to 10 PM taking photographs on the observation decks of the South Tower of the World Trade Center which provided the remainder of the gallery photos.

At the time, we could not have believed that a place we had enjoyed so much would be gone just 68 days later. Immediately, our thoughts were with the people lost and injured on that day, particularly those anonymous faces we saw the day of our visit. To help us to remember and honor them, I have chosen to dedicate the gallery to them, a gallery including images that show their workplace and the views that they experienced on a daily basis.


In Memoriam 9/11: New York City 2001