UTAH - Highway 12

Highway 12, the most direct route from Capitol Reef National Park to Bryce Canyon National Park, is unto itself a scenic destination. It branches from Utah 24 at Torrey, Utah, west of Capitol Reef, and ends at US 89, west of the spur road to Bryce Canyon. After leaving Torrey, the road ascends on the east flank of Boulder Mountain to over 9500 feet with spectacular views to the east extending to Capitol Reef National Park. It then gradually descends to the town of Boulder. South of Boulder, it follows The Hogback with precipitous drops to Calf Creek on the right and Boulder Creek on the right. Next, it crosses the Escalante River to the east of the town of Escalante. West of Escalante it follows the Escalante River briefly and then ascends Upper Creek Valley to the east of Powell Point. The highway then turns back to the North and then to the West past the spur road to Bryce Canyon. It then passes through Red Canyon before ending at US 89. The fall colors of early October, particularly on Boulder Mountain, add to the beauty of this route.