About Woodchuck Images

Woodchuck images is a site for your enjoyment. It displays selections from the collection of 35 mm images taken by Charles (Chuck) Kime. In addition, it includes brief information on the locations of the images. Many of the images were taken during vacations over the last 35 years. With his great love for the outdoors, the images feature landscapes, wildflowers, and wildlife, notably in U. S. National Parks.

In his other life, Chuck Kime served as a faculty member in Electrical and Computer Engineering for 35 years at the University of Wisconsin, Madison where he performed research in fault-tolerant computing and design-for-
testability for integrated circuits. He is co-author of the best-selling electrical and computer engineering textbook, Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals.

Hopefully, Woodchuck Images will grow over time, with a target of over 1000 images by 2005. I hope you enjoy it!

Chuck Kime can be reached at :


PS: The "woodchuck" emblem is not a woodchuck (American marmot), but rather a European marmot. I currently have no high-quality photo of the more elusive woodchuck.