Home Page: The right half is for entering galleries.

To reach a gallery from the home page:

  • On the right, for the gallery type you want, click on the text or arrow in the box below the image. For example, in the gallery type "National Parks," click on "Select Map or Park" or on the arrow to its right. A list opens from which you can either select galleries from a map or by name.
  • To open a gallery menu from the map:
    • Click on the first entry in the list containing the word "Map." A map opens showing the name of each of the galleries in its geographic location.
    • On the map, click on the name of the gallery or the red dot next to it.
  • To open a gallery menu from the name list, click on the gallery name.
  • In order for access through these menus to work, there must be a change. So if you wish to enter a gallery already shown, you must select something else first.

To return to the Home Page from any page, click on

Gallery Menu: Each gallery has one or more menus; for more than one, the first menu is reached from the Home Page. Each menu has a link to Information about the gallery and two modes for viewing images on the menu page: 1) view a specific image or 2) view a slide show of all images on the menu (in sequence first to last). The user can switch between these modes at any time by using the buttons on the image pages.

To view a specific image from a gallery menu:

  • Click on the thumbnail (small version) of the image in the menu.
  • Click on the square buttonin the upper right of the image page to return to the gallery menu.

To select and view the slide show from a gallery menu:

  • Click on the arrow to the right of "Slide Show" for the first image.
  • For control of display of subsequent images, at the upper right of the image page,
    • Click on Next or Previousbuttons.
    • Click on the square button to return to the gallery menu.

For multiple gallery menus, select a different gallery menu by using the numbers or arrows at bottom of the title area of the present gallery menu.